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Mold Making Tools

Experienced in Mold Building:

Since 1986, Blue Chip Mold Inc. has designed and built quality plastic injection molds for custom molders and original equipment manufacturers.

Demanding Customers:

Our molds produce parts for industries including computer and business equipment, automotive, electronic, consumer products, industrial products, and medical.

Specialized Solutions:

We have the knowledge and the facility to design and build a wide range of injection molds, from single cavity unitized molds to multiple cavity full frame molds with complex surfaces, irregular parting lines, multiple actions and hot manifolds. Blue Chip Mold Inc. is large enough to handle multiple mold programs with complex molds, up to 24" X 35". Plus, we inspect to ensure that every mold is designed and fabricated with consistent high quality.

Skilled Staff of 15:

We know what it takes to build a quality mold. Using only the highest
professional equipment and materials, each mold is designed and fabricated
by our most important asset, the Blue Chip Mold staff. We have a skilled,
knowledgeable, and dedicated staff of fifteen, who have been with the
company an average of over seven years. The owners, office staff, and mold
makers all work together to achieve the highest quality product. Our goal is
to exceed our customer's expectations.

Talk With Us:

For more information, contact the owner, Paul Engert by phone, fax or e-mail.
Let us show you how Blue Chip Mold Inc. can be the solution to your plastic
injection mold requirements.